Coronavirus Update

We are delighted to inform all our customers that owing to an easing of government restrictions, the Black Horse is now re-open, albeit with changed opening hours and pub access.


As we enter a new phase in lockdown where restrictions are easing, our utmost priority will remain to be for the safety of our staff and our customers. With this in mind and restrictions for distancing, we will not open the Pub rooms for the time being. We have lots of outside space available and covered areas. These spaces will offer plenty of opportunity for people to meet in an environment where they feel safe. We will continue do everything we can to mitigate any potential issues from our side, then it is over to you lovely customers - THANK YOU FOR DOING YOUR BIT!

We have the tables in the garden set at a suitable distance and we are very fortunate to have the marquee on the playing field that may be used by customers anytime over that weekend. Please note that the Trim Trail and Forest School areas are out of bounds, dogs are not permitted on the field and it is a no smoking area.

The Bar will provide drinks served in plastic glasses that may be taken to either the garden or the school field. They are to be purchased from our ‘Hatch’ in the front driveway. Payment by contactless is preferred.

Orders for takeaway food can also be placed at the Hatch and food can be eaten in either area. There will be plenty of provision for waste disposable and we ask that you please take this responsibility.

Two toilets will be available for use at the pub and a queueing system will be in place so that the toilets can be cleaned between use. Access is only from the garden entrance door.


We have spent a lot of time considering how this next phase will operate and our future trading hours in July will be:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - Closed
Friday - open from 6-10pm (food 6-8pm)
Saturday - open from 1-10pm (food from 1-8pm)
Sunday - open from 1-6pm (food 1- 4pm)

We will offer a weekend food menu so please check the menu page on this website for latest information.

We so look forward to seeing you and your family and friends in a social situation where they can get together safely and have some fun!

Amanda and Colin